The book Sounds Like Branding by Jakob Lusensky

The book Sounds Like Branding

"Jakob Lusensky has done a great service to all marketers by writing Sounds Like Branding. Every company should have a music strategy. Some do; most don't. This book shows you how. It's a five step programme – a very short stairway to heaven."

Kevin Roberts, CEO Worldwide,
Saatchi & Saatchi

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Everyone loves music, but not everyone loves advertising. Faced with increasingly impatient and fickle customers, some of the world’s most famous brands have been turning to music and artists to engage the public in a way they could never do alone. Why? Because music speaks to our emotions, brings people together and starts conversations. If it’s used correctly, it can turn a one-off purchaser into a loyal fan.

Sounds Like Branding is an ‘ear-opening’ journey through the history of music and marketing, from the humble jingle and the advent of Muzak to Michael Jackson’s groundbreaking association with Pepsi in the 1980s and the music branding embraced today by global brands such as Nike, Starbucks, Levi’s and Coca-Cola.

What marketers need to know today is not what music to run in the background to an ad, but how a brand ’sounds’. This book is essential reading for any brand manager looking for a competitive edge in an increasingly cluttered media landscape.

Bloomsbury Publishing Plc (A&C Black Publishers Ltd) is the publisher of the English book in the UK. The book will also be released in South Korea by Acorn Publishing this Autumn.

Interested in a sneak preview of the book? Download a free excerpt of Sounds Like Branding and read about why you should market your brand through music, the music stairway, strategies for working with music and more!

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Sounds Like Branding was published in Sweden in Spring 2010 by Norstedts Publishing House. The book has been reprinted in a paperback edition, available for purchase here.

About the author

Jakob Lusensky left his career as an international DJ to become CEO of the global music branding agency Heartbeats International, one of the world’s leading agency in music and branding with clients as Absolut Vodka, Carlsberg, Coca-Cola and Unilever. In 2010, Jakob Lusensky was invited to take part in the prestigious TED Talks event in Tokyo.


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