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    Hip Hop artist London’s record label: Brands

    Interview Magazine gives us this interview with ‘hip hop’s newest name’ Theophilus London. London has been doing it the way we’ve talked about for a while, i.e. working with brands as the new record labels…


    POLLOCK: When you say your brand relationships, you’re talking about Bushmills and Cole Haan?

    LONDON: Bushmills, Gucci, Cole Haan, Nike, Mountain Dew.

    POLLOCK: What’s it been like working with them and rising at the same time?

    LONDON: It’s such a new idea, because you’re supposed to rise first then all that shit comes. Like, “Oh this song is hot. Let’s put it in a commercial.” But I got these deals before I was a household name to the masses, not just to the progressive people that know me. It’s about the fucking people who are chilling in this pool right now. They get to know me because of a commercial or a billboard in New York City. It’s such a new idea. I’m building a new business model for artists who want to do this after me—artists that haven’t even put an album out yet. I put an EP and three mixtapes out. I didn’t know that was the path I was choosing. And I’m really cool with ladies, so if it’s a lady in charge of the brand, then, yeah, I’ll get the deal. You know, in a business way.

    Read the whole article here.

    Those of you who follow us regularly have probably seen the video of London spontaneously performing ‘The Brand Song’ backstage at SXSW. Those of you who haven’t, check it out.