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    The results of an exploration Strategy?

    We see more and more brands working with exploration strategies in music these days and the latest one is from car brand Fiat in the UK. An exploration strategy means a brand guiding people to new music and artists that they haven’t heard before. In this way taking more of a grassroot approach and lifting up new talent to a larger audience.

    It’s great to see more brands involving on a micro level but the question remains, what happens to the bands that win these competitions? Normally you hear and read lot about the initiative in the beginning of the campaign but don’t see much of the results. What was really in it for the artist? Did it help them in their career? Did they get the huge success that was promised in the campaign?

    Let’s follow Fiat and see what happens…



    7″ pre-listening party in Stockholm

    Thank you everyone for attending our little pre-listening party of ‘Sounds Like Branding’ yesterday! The 7″ vinyl is a beta version, limited to 250 copies (in audio) of the full book, which is to be released in Swedish at the end of March. The beta version will also be available on Spotify in English.