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    Homeland Security and the shades of grey in piracy


    Homeland Security have expanded their operations and besides terrorists they are now chasing music blogs as well. Even if quite a few record label executives might feel inclined to stick the T-label on the bloggers, this is still a change of pace for the war on copyright infringement.

    We initially intended to cover this when it happened a few weeks ago, but due to unclear circumstances and uncertainty concerning exactly what legal room Homeland Security operated under, it got temporarily shelved.

    This is still a very important issue for everyone who’s working professionally with music, so please take the time to read this article in New York Times, and the statement recently made by Eskay, owner of NahRight, one of the biggest music blogs.

    Let us know what your thoughts are on this!


    "Sounds Like Branding" How to use the power of music to turn customers into fans, a new book by Jakob Lusensky

    English version  |  Swedish version

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