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    Radioactive music inspiring people to learn natural science

    The Radioactive Orchestra is a tool consisting of 3175 radioactive isotopes, each with their own unique musical fingerprints. It allows you to listen and make melodies from almost all of them. The project is a new way to make people understand and get a feeling for what radiation really is. The goal is to inspire everyone to learn natural science by making it playful and beautiful, through sound and music.

    Using sound is a new way of understanding radiation and atoms. The aim is to make it fun and motivate students to do something as ‘dull’ as nuclear physics. But how is sound used and music made? Check out this video and get inspired to create some beautiful ‘radioactive music’ yourself, here.

    The Radioactive Orchestra project is a collaboration between the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and the Nuclear Safety and Training (KSU), executed by agency Kollektivet Livet. DJ and artist Axel Boman has been chosen as the first person to try it out and showcase how music can be made.