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    Exclusive survey on what impact music has on businesses in public places (in English) – Yours for a tweet or Facebook share


    To better understand the impact of music on consumers and to learn more about the attitudes towards music being played in businesses in public places*, as well as music played in the workplace, Heartbeats International has conducted a survey on 1000 Swedes between the ages of 16-64. We asked them questions about the impact of music on their everyday lives, public places and at work.

    The survey results are published in the report, Uncovering a musical myth: A survey on music’s impact in public spaces. It is your for a tweet or Facebook share:

    Interested in the Swedish version of the report:
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    * Public places has been used as a generic term for businesses such as shops, shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, transportation services, sports stadiums, gyms and workplaces.



    • The importance of music for people in their everyday lives
    • The impact music has on businesses in public places
    • The impact music has on employees and workplaces

    Five truths about the impact of music:

    • People rank music as more difficult to live without than sports, movies and newspapers
    • Playing the right music in your business makes customers stay longer
    • Music played in your business affects your customers’ opinion about your brand
    • Music enhances wellbeing amongst employees in workplaces
    • People think it is important that artists, musicians and songwriters get paid for music being played in public places

    The impact of music on businesses in public places #2

    The report, Myten om musik besannad: En undersökning om musikens betydelse för verksamheter i offentlig miljö (Uncovering a musical myth: A survey on music’s impact in public spaces) clearly shows that ’the right music’ has a positive impact on businesses in public places such as shops and restaurants. ’The right music’, being music that fits the brand or business profile, played at the right volume, making people stay longer, consume more and recommend your business to others. But what happens if a business plays music that is ’wrong’?

    When we conducted our survey on 1000 Swedes, we did not only ask about the positive impact of music but about the negative impact as well. We wanted to know the effect of ‘the wrong music’ being played and asked the respondents if music could make them leave a place, not come back, recommend others not to visit, or buy less, and why.

    We also asked people if they have ever been inspired by the music being played when visiting a business in a public place, and if this has introduced them to new music and artists. Some of the results are shown below.


    We wanted to know if music can have a negative impact on businesses in public places. The results from our survey reveal that ‘the wrong music’ makes 44% of consumers and visitors leave a business and 38% won’t come back. And almost 4 out of 10 also say that ‘the wrong music’ makes them buy less.

    As many as 44% (almost every second person!) say that the music being played can, to a high or very high extent, cause them to leave. The important question to us was why? The answer being that people can leave a place if the music there is played at a too loud volume and is blocking the conversation or if the music being played is noisy and irritating.

    ‘The wrong music’ can make me…


    The ones who leave a place do so because the music is…

    • 1  Played too loud / Blocking the conversation 52%
    • 2  Noisy / Irritating 44%

    What would happen if it was totally quiet in a business?

    32-41% of the respondents say they would react negatively or very negatively to silence, or more precisely the absence of music in a business such as a shop, restaurant, hairdresser or at the shopping mall. And more than 6 out of 10 of 16-24 year olds would react negatively or very negatively if a gym didn’t play music.

    This, together with some of the previous results we’ve published here, shows the importance for businesses not only to play music, but to play it right. That means looking over the music they play – with ‘the right music’ being music that is played at the right volume, matching the brand or business profile.

    Businesses as inspirational music sources

    We also wanted to know how much people notice the music being played in public. The survey reveals that public places work as a source of inspiration for many! More than half of 16-24 year olds have discovered new music as well as new artists when they have visited a business in a public place.

    More than half of 16-24 year olds have discovered new music in a shop or another business in a public place


    And many also notice what artist or track it is that is being played. Almost 4 out of 10 16-24 year olds notice the artist or track categorically, and 13% even rate their experience of a business by the music that is played.

    How well do people notice the music that is played in public?


    You find more results here.

    Download full report

    (Note: the full report is in Swedish but will soon be published in English)