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    A word from the global music marketing manager

    “Music is a marketing tool that can help you achieve your objectives”, says Umut Ozaydinli, global music marketing manager at Coca-Cola.

    Watch this interesting video from MediaTV/Brand Republic where he talks about the new ‘Open happiness’ campaign. Mr Ozaydinli talks about the possibilities of working with music on a global basis and the new platforms that emerge through music branding.

    Umut Ozaydinli


    I couldn’t hear anything

    Fanta is launching a mobile campaign using ultra sounds which can only be heard by people under the age of 25. It seems to be working out. So far 400 000 teens have downloaded the application. Can you hear it!?

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    The secret recipe of Coke

    Coca Cola is one of the world’s most successful brands and a company that always understood the true power of music. The “I like to buy the world a Coke” campaign that was launched in the early 1970s and the specific song that was written for it also became a top seller shortly afterwards the rollout of the campaign.

    It’s also fascinating to see how well Coke read the mind of the public and their customers around this time. It was in the days of the Vietnam war and political activism stood high up on the agenda of people. The video clearly emphasize on a very socialistic feeling with a universal message of love. People should come together everywhere and of course the elixir for this movement is Coke…

    Now almost 40 years later they again put music in the centre of their marketing mix. In the “Open Happiness” campaign they put together the artists/bands WhatFallout Boy, Gym Class Heroes, Panic At The Disco, Cee Lo and Janelle Monae, for a collaborative effort on the song, “Open Happiness”.

    “From our perspective, it was a logical choice to inspire people through music,” says Coca-Cola global music marketing manager Umut Ozaydinli.

    Clearly Coke understood that the secret recipe in order to be successful in building an emotional connection to people everywhere is music.

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    Michael Jackson - The king of artist endorsement

    Michael Jackson was not only the king of pop. His groundbreaking endorsement deal with Pepsi Coke in the early 1980s still should work as a reference for brands taking the logic next step in to music. Respect!

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