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    Eurobest videos

    Thank you everyone for showing up at this weeks Eurobest Amsterdam. Enjoyed our conversation and here is as promised a Youtube playlist with the videos from the presentation. More to come soon.



    New white paper - Social Music Revolution

    Social Music Revolution whitepaperYou are probably already aware that the social media network platforms will be of greater importance in your brand communication in the future. The questions are: How do you enter into this market of dialogue? How do you market in a digital culture where traditional advertising doesn’t work? How do you engage your customers and transform this engagement into business for your brand? Could music branding be the key to unlocking the potential of these platforms?

    Download whitepaper (PDF)


    Are musical tastes genetic?

    A recent study on twins by Nokia and professor Adrian North reveals that 50% of our musical taste is predetermined. Watch this!


    Heartbeats Session in Tokyo

    girls2Here are some pictures from the last Heartbeats and Sounds like branding session in Tokyo.
    And if you prefer video you can experience a little mash-up of it below.


    Taking the risk out of music

    Brands and bands have been bedfellows for generations, sometimes uncomfortably. We speak to Sarah Tinsley from our Heartbeats network to find out how we can de-risk working with music by applying a more rigorous insight and planning process.

    Download article (PDF).


    Japanese Muzak

    This store definitely takes Muzak to a new level. How did they analyze the music preferences of the target group? What brand values are being communicated? I can´t decide which one I love most.
    Can you?


    The mandarin song

    Everything deserves a song in Japan. Even the subway stations have their own unique melodies that are played when the train approaches (a ‘best-of’ CD was recently launched). You can also experience this in the supermarkets. There is a special banana song, fish song and tomato song played in the area of the store where the specific product is sold. On my recent trip to Okinawa I found this magnificent Mandarin song…