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    How to use Social Media in the Music Industry

    Media futurist Gerd Leonhard delivered some great insights at this years Midem. Spend a minute or two looking through this presentation on how to use social media in the music industry.


    ‘I’m with the brand’ slides from Midem (with audio)


    How to sell out (without selling out)!

    j_slash3At this year’s Midem we will teach the music industry how to sell out. Or rather how to avoid selling out but still get in bed with a brand. We will go through a five step model of success on how to build a successful strategy to get their interest. It includes the importance of defining vision, goals, values and a unique story. Also, how an artist/record label/festival owner should define their assets (from the perspective of the brands) and present these for potential brand partners. Part of the seminar will be focused on how the music and marketing industry have to start to understand the other’s objectives and culture. We will upload the presentation on Slideshare for you to watch after the seminar. See you on La Croisette?


    The Ice effect


    Christmas been completely freezing here in Stockholm with around -15 degrees celcius on average. That is about the same temperature as inside the Absolut Icebars. A joint venture between Absolut Vodka and the Icehotel in Northern Sweden, the company run bars completely made of ice at different locations across the globe. Earlier this year we conducted a study to measure the effect of the music identity we developed and implemented in their bars.

    The result was stunning. It showed that 77% of respondents reported a greatly enhanced experience when the music identity was played (the opposite of when commercial radio was played). And furthermore, the number of respondents who
    wanted to stay longer or come back rose by almost 250%.

    Experience the full Absolut Icebar study here.