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    Japanese Muzak

    This store definitely takes Muzak to a new level. How did they analyze the music preferences of the target group? What brand values are being communicated? I can´t decide which one I love most.
    Can you?


    The mandarin song

    Everything deserves a song in Japan. Even the subway stations have their own unique melodies that are played when the train approaches (a ‘best-of’ CD was recently launched). You can also experience this in the supermarkets. There is a special banana song, fish song and tomato song played in the area of the store where the specific product is sold. On my recent trip to Okinawa I found this magnificent Mandarin song…


    The sounds of Tokyo - Japanese toilets

    Japanese people are much more sophisticated than us. You would not want to experience the embarrassment of the person next door hearing what you are up to, right? That is why the Japanese toilet has a built-in sound effect of water flushing. Smart, huh?