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    Lenny Kravitz rocks the Jeep Wrangler brand

    Chrysler has Eminem and recently its sister brand Jeep Wrangler got Lenny Kravitz, who stars in a new advertising campaign cross-promoting the 2011 Jeep Wrangler and Kravitz’s upcoming album, Black and White America, in the U.S.

    The first ad in the series, Extraordinary Adventure Swamp, features rock star Kravitz sitting on the hood of a Wrangler, driving through a swamp with the sound from his new track, Rock Star City Life.

    “Not only is Kravitz an outstanding singer, songwriter and performer, he is a long-time Jeep owner and fan of the brand,” says Mike Manley, Jeep brand president and CEO, Chrysler Group. “Kravitz shares and understands the core values of the Jeep brand that include an authentic style, a no-holds-barred adventurous approach to life, as well as mastering the ability to withstand the test of time.”

    Kravitz called the partnership a perfect fit. “The Jeep Wrangler is a rugged classic. I’ve been driving the same one for 16 years and I refuse to get rid of it – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

    Reading the statements above, Jeep Wrangler and artist Lenny Kravitz most definitely could be friends in real life - a pretty good brand and artist match, don’t you think?


    The guilty conscience of those who made it, or “how to sell $50 000 cars to a guy who’s watching his neighbor get evicted”

    Depending on the type of product you market, and the type of market you work in, you will be more or less inclined to take risks. It’s no surprise that the car industry have been among the more conservative industries, given that each new product launch is quite literally “make or break”, and the marketing cost per sold vehicle can approach $1000.

    With that said, things are starting to change, out of necessity. With the climate change debate and more recently the financial collapse, premium car brands have found themselves in a situation where ever so soft leather interiors and exotic woods just isn’t as appealing as it used to be.

    Customers still expect all of that of course, but they also expect to feel good when they spend money on a car. Premium car brands have to show not only that they’re environmentally sustainable, but also socially. With outsourcing being a constant threat to the well-being of western communities, it will be increasingly important to show that you’re a constructive part of not only your country of origin but also the markets you want to sell your cars in.

    Below you’ll find some examples of campaigns where horse power and shiny exteriors have taken the back seat and left the front seat to “softer” values and, believe it or not, some social commentary. Take a cue from Chrysler, BMW and SAAB.