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    Will a toy win the battle?

    Bands and labels continue to fight against piracy and the current downturn in the music industry. Some bands and labels come up with innovative and fun ideas in this war of theirs. One example being the Norwegian band Datarock. But is this the way?


    When the indie-disco brothers Datarock released their latest single, they did it in the form of a designer ‘toy’ loaded with a great deal of extra media. The single comes in the shape of a 3 inch soft-vinyl red diamond figure, with arms, legs and a face, created in conjunction with Hybrid Design and Super 7. Concealed within the ‘toy’ is a tiny USB storage drive containing the latest single plus 105 bonus tracks, 1500 photos, 20 music videos, and a 60 minute concert film… But does anyone need this much of a band in their life?

    For existing (fanatic) fans of the band I guess the ‘toy’ might be a preferred way to get the new single. Then I think of ‘New-Kids-On-The-Block-kind-of-fanatic-fans’ (those of you who were there in the late 80s knows what I’m talking about). For the rest? I doubt it. Unfortunately.

    I don’t believe a ‘toy’ will battle the war against piracy and downturn in the music industry. However, it’s a fun and innovative idea, and there’s plenty of inspiration to be taken from bands and labels who try to do something new to survive in the music business!

    By: Sara Zaric